Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mikey Martin TRIUMPH's new racer

2011 AMA Pro Singles Champion, Mikey Martin will be riding the Triumph Twin in the 2012 GNC. Martin's entry into the twin class is exciting enough but to have him accept the challenge of the underdog Triumph will make things very interesting. I assumed that he would come into the Twins riding a very competitive XR and be battling at the front immediately. Now I think he will really have to put his head down to get the results he is looking for.Fortunately the Triumph Factory has stepped up with some support which should help but ultimately Mikey has to gather up all his immense talent to get the Trumpet to the front. I think he can do it and I'm really looking forward to seeing him give it his all.
The Bonneville Performance Triumph Team could not have done better. Mikey Martin can RIDE and WIN and he is a great guy. Here he takes his buddy Jermaine Bacosa's bike through Tech.
Doing what he has done best. Dominating in the 450 Pro Singles.