Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Luke won the Expert Semi 2 at Pomona in grand style, leading from the line and gapping the field one more time after a red flag restart. And he won with a flat tyre (Oz spell)which probably meant he survived a close call after eating one of Pomona's many holes. One of the big challenges of the night was finding lines that avoided those holes but sometimes you nail one perfectly, or not.
Luke's got a lot of enthusiast fans who cheer him on.
Luke was running strong in the Main when it all came crashing down which resulted in a wadded up bike and rider.Luke got up, with a later diagnosed dislocated wrist and frantically wrenched on the bike in the Hot Box. Gough frantically replaces the bent pipes while Skip kicks the twisted front end into shape.
Luke, fired up on adrenalin and frustration re-straightens the forks with one blow.
OK lets Rock ! Fixed in the alotted time,the satisfied AMA official and Skip Eaken look on as Luke jumps on and J.T. fires the fire breathing XR back to life. After all that effort he charged to a credible 13th place finish worth a sweet 6 points. If his throttle wrist hadn't of been dislocated he may have been able to twist it even a little harder.I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy on the gas in 2012.