Friday, October 28, 2011

Adios Chris and Thank You !

Chris Carr has really retired from the GNC. Flat Track won't be the same without him and his ace tuner Kenny Tolbert. I have been a fan since I first saw him race at the Superbikers in the mid 80's. He shined against the best of the best. This little blonde kid with a Go Get'em riding style that impressed everyone in attendance. He was always on the gas on first class equipment that he deserved and used to its full potential. Seven Time Grand National Champ says it all. On the way , GNC Rookie of the Year '85, AMA Road Racing Rookie of the Year '95, Fastest man on two wheels and first to ride over 350 (with a best run of 354) and of course, AMA Hall of fame. Thank you Chris, you have exemplified flat tracking, the American Motorcycle Sport. You are a Champion and a Gentleman.
After whipping an XR750 around every dirt track in America for 25 years, I thought Golf just wouldn't fill the void. Flat Track Promoter Bob Bellino gave Chris these as a nice going away gift. I hope he will have a Mark Martin change of heart and come back all fired up and ready to win again.

Chris and Kenny, the dynamic duo.

We will sure miss seeing this rig pulling into the races.