Thursday, September 22, 2011

MotoCzysz D1G1TAL Superbike

The MotoCzysz Electric Superbike Team tested at Portland International Raceway last weekend and they had to be pleased with the results. Michael Czysz rode the Isle Of Man Electric TT winning bike and I was amazed at the speed and stealth displayed. It is fast and it is quiet, not silent but almost. Czysz ran in the Lightweight Superbike Class and started from the pit row. The field took a warm up lap and he wanted to save battery so he didnt do that lap. The field started and then they let him go. When they came around the first time, Czysz was in the lead! He gapped the field by 15 seconds and passed by with incredible speed and a pleasant quiet geary whoosh, followed by a pack of screaming four bangers. I'm impressed, what an awesome display of technology.
MotoCzysz is a family affair. Michael rides and Dad,Terry , spins the wrenches.
200 H.P , 800 Ft Lbs of torque, 525 lbs including an on board KERS system that is good for approximately 8% recharge. With current battery technology the E1pc Electric Superbike is good for about 1 lap of the Mountain Circuit at full throttle, which is 38 miles.