Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stevie Bonsey "The Calistoga Kid " flys at Lodi

Stevie Bonsey ,National #80, a Lodi regular was looking for a big weekend in Lodi and Sacramento a couple weeks ago now. Bonsey came out guns blazing in the first heat of the Night before the Mile. Chad Cose #49 got a slight lead off the line but Bonsey was all over him looking for any way by. Close to the end of the heat, with Cose out front by a hair things were getting intense. It looked like Chad's back end stepped out more than normal in turn 2, which caused a slight hesitation in his forward progress. This was just enough for Bonsey, with no where to go, to run into him and trip over his rear wheel and go flying. It took a while, but Stevie got up and walked away unfortunately with shoulder and rib pain. A rough night in Lodi which ended up eliminating him from the Sacramento Mile due to his injuries. Stevie is a tough racer and he will be back again soon, looking for another victory on the Dodge XR750 at the upcoming Indy and Springfield Miles