Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sacramento Mile Meet your Heros

The Sacramento Mile is on again this Saturday,July 30th and one more reason not to miss it will be a huge group of Past Champs and Legends from our sport gathered to meet and sign autographs. One of those Riders coming is Scott Brelsford ,brother of Mark who will also be in attendance. Scott Brelsford made a name for himself at Ascot as a Novice Pro on Ray Abrahms,A&A Racing Yamaha Twin,winning every heat and every main that season. Scott then landed a spot on the Harley Team. Some of his most memorable rides came when he and team mate Don Castro ( yep, he'll be there too) raced Erv's wild Kawi Triples. Stop by and say hello to all these Heros.
Mark Brelsford on the Factory Harley with its speed robbing air cleaner and oil cooler hanging way out in the breeze.
Scott, unbeatable at Ascot on the A&A Yamaha twin.

Here are the Legends from Flat Track's Golden Era who will be at the Sacto Mile. Stop by the Legends Areana and meet your Heros.
Legend autograph session at Sac Mile July 30
Dave Bostrom
Paul Bostrom
Mark Brelsford
Scott Brelsford
Don Castro
Jimmy Filice
Frank Gillespie
Dave Hansen
John Hately
Chuck Joyner
Allan Kenyon
John Kocinski
Joe Leonard
Dick Mann
Keith Mashburn
Eddie Mulder
Johnny Murphree
Jody Nicholas
Jim Odem
Jimmy Plain
Jim Rice
George Sepulveda
Sammy Tanner
Nick Theroux
Skip VanLeeuwen