Friday, July 15, 2011

Dick Mann National Treasure

Two time National Champ, Dick Mann was the first rider to attain the "Grand Slam" in an era when you had to win one of all disciplines. Short Track, T.T., 1/2 Mile, Mile AND Road Racing. An incredible testimony to his skill on motorbikes of all kinds. King Kenny Roberts was the second and only other rider to attain the "5 Grand Slam".
San Jose 1/2 Mile 1968. Dick goes to work on his ultra-light Gold Star Special. Look at the three rail birds ,they're just delighted to see Bugsy giving it everything he's got.
Dick gets the cover of the Ascot T.T. program for the '64 running of the National.
BSA were very proud of Dick an his accomplishments on their new triple. Another road racing victory,this time at the beautiful Kent Raceways,just south of Seattle.
When BSA folded for good, Dick ended his stellar career riding Triumphs.