Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Bill Moon created many promotional wheeled wonders to draw attention to his Hot Rod parts business. The Moontrike was one of them. I remember it from the 70's and thought it was a great practical idea that could have been used world wide. We have something similar all over the tourist area of San Diego but they are pedal powered. The Moon folks had it at Born Free looking a little worse for wear but still cool as hell. The Mooneyes Open House is right around the corner and is another So Cal tradition thats worth attending. You don't often get to roam the halls of an American Hot Rod Dynasty. Moon has been in the same location for ever,in an old classic part of L.A. and if you need a break from Hot Rods and Custom Bikes you can try the Holiday right across the street. Home of some of the most voluptuous Latinas in Los Angeles and right next door to that is definitely some of the best Mexican Food I know of,try the Burrito Especial and a Bohemia, Por Favor.