Friday, June 10, 2011

INDIAN celebrate 1.2.3. Victory at 1911 T.T.

Dave Roper,America's first T.T. Race Winner will celebrate Indian's 1911 1.2.3 IOM Victory,by riding the Mountain Circuit on a perfect example of the 585cc V-twin Oliver Godfrey rode to Victory 100 years ago. Fridays Parade of Champions will be something to see.
In 1911 Indian's Dirt Track and Board Track superstar, Jake DeRosier,went on a Sales and Marketing Tour of the IOM and England. The idea was to win the T.T. and trounce all comers at the banked behemoth, Brooklands.It didn't start off to well for Jake as he fell off repeatedly on the Island and was lucky to finish. However, Indians ridden by proper British Blokes dominated and scored an amazing 1.2.3 Victory, making history that day. DeRosier did redeem himself later,during the famous Brooklands duel with Britian's Prince of Speed, Charles Collier.
Roper's ride for the 100 year celebration.
Englishman Oliver Godfrey won in fine style on his Factory Indian.
Jake DeRosier couldn't get the job done at the T.T. and it caused a riff with the owner of Indian. When Jake returned from this trip ,he quit Indian and went to ride for Indians main competitor Excelsior. Jake died soon after,from a racing accident on the Boards back in the States, trying to beat his old Factory Ride.
Charles Collier was the fastest man on two wheels at the time in England. He dominated at Brooklands on a Matchless 1000cc V-twin of his own design and construction. Collier actually went across the finish line at the 1911 T.T. in second place but forfeited the position when he admitted he ran out of gas and got a refill out on the course. Indians moved up and claimed the incredible 1.2.3 finish.