Monday, June 13, 2011

Hell on Wheels Whiskey Challenge 2011

Hell on Wheels was an absolute blast. A great group of like minded people out to have some real fun. The event is built around Run what ya brung, Scrambles and the track was designed for old bikes,Pre 72,with table top jumps ,banked corners with smooth dirt in between. Not a whoop to be seen. The location was awesome with what must be the only shady glen in all of Riverside County. Motors,Mommacitas and Music rocking while your racin'. Big time thanks to Meatball and his Merry Men.
Miss Hell on Wheels 2011
The BSA in its natural environment, stopped, dead in the water, on the side of the track. This time the rear brake locked solid causing a DNF in the main.
The B25 flies by in a blur of speed and great aplomb. Ha! Its really small, gutless and handles like crap but it does have a nice bark.