Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bubba Shobert Rides Again

Bubba will be back on board the Honda RS750 at the Vintage Nationals June 24th and 25th at Square Deal Raceway, Port Crane , NY.
Shobert's reign on the Honda was a great period in our Sport. Honda came into Flat Track and paid their dues and then dominated. They suddenly quit and it left a giant hole that we are just recovering from now, with other manufacturers making it interesting.
The RS750 in all its Glory.
Bubbas got another one in the bag.
The Honda Freight Train in action.Ricky is out front and worried, Doug Chandler thinks he is in the catbird seat until he looks around and there is Bubba coming hard on the last corner ,ready to draft by them both and win another one. These two photos are from the incredible archives of Stu from http://stusshots.blogspot.com
Poppa happy to have his hands on the Champs No.1.