Saturday, May 28, 2011

100th INDY 500 Tomorrow

Memorial Day Weekend means a lot to Americans. We remember our Fallen Heros and honor them with the Worlds Biggest Race, the Indianapolis 500. This year is the 100th running of the 500 and as always, it will be full of drama and intrigue.It is the largest single day spectator event in history. 500,000 race fans used to fill the Brickyard. This year's event is sold out but crowds are limited to around 350,000 to give everyone some elbow room. Hot ,humid weather produces rain in Indiana this time of year and can delay the race until the following day. Heres hoping for a sunny dry day tomorrow. For the first time they will have double row restarts after yellows. This could prove disastrous, with all drivers not looking forward to the results. There is nothing like being at the Indy 500, the start is electric. From the singing of the Back Home again in Indiana to the Color Guard and National Anthem and Fly Over,the build up is sensational. Then the whole field has to make it through the Warm up lap, then it's on. If you can't be there,watch it on ABC. We will be Partying and barracking for our guy. Go Will Power !