Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skeeter Hollenbeck

The heritage of American Dirt Track Racing is deep and wide. We have been at it for over a century and many of our old heros are still enjoying being involved. Skeeter Hollenbeck,one of San Diego's past champions was awarded the San Diego Flat Track Perpetual Trophy in 2010. Skeeter made a name for himself racing 40 inch Triumphs in Southern California in the 50's and 60's. He was one of the TT specialists at Cajon Speedway who upheld local honor against the hotshoes who came down from Ascot. Hollenbeck was one of a group of San Diegan Racers including Cal Rayborn,Ralph White, Jim McMurren,Travis Petton, the Vesco Bros,Butch Rowland and Johnny Apple who made us proud.
Skeeter enjoying another victory. Cal Rayborn,BSA mounted beams his happy smile in the background.
Skeeter and family at the presentation of his 2010 Perpetual Trophy.
When you've raced as long as this guy did, you too will have a lot of heart warming ,funny stories. Alex of Kon-Tiki M/C, the gracious host of the S.D. Flat Track Reunion is enjoying this one.