Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boneman cometh to Kidlington

If you look at this Blog you are no doubt aware that the Sideburn Blokes and Short Track UK are hosting The Rubber Ball,The Boneman, Supermex, Dave Aldana for a couple of days of fun. Being an Aldana Fan I'm envious of those who will be attending. I last watched him race at Pomona on a Yamaha 750 in 2009. Having a Legend like Dave at an event is something special. I dug into my Bones File and was reminded what a wide field of experience he has. Factory Hired Gun, Superbikes, Speedway,Flat Track,no matter what Dave rode and rides, he does it with flair. I remember one night at Ascot and he's riding a Yellow Yamaha two-stroke 500( MXer with Class C Traction) against the XR750s on the 1/2 mile. It was unheard of at the time,might have been the first Supermotard ever. The thing was fast but eventually seized solid and skid to the infield. Dave's ability to race anything( including Pigeons) and be a contender on it and to do it with his infectious smile is well worth seeing.

Dave back on a Rob North Triple. The BSA Factory Rider made these beauties fly. This was a one time Vintage Road Race through the infield of Del Mar. The funky track required Dave to use all of his Road Race, Flat Track and Unicycle skills. A joy to witness.
Dave is a born natural and can Ride and Win on anything.
Dave Aldana trying to do what Joe Kopp accomplished about 40 years later. That Bitchin' Ducati looks like it could have got the job done.
Hey if you feel like him,dress like him. Supermex never known to be a shrinking violet.