Thursday, March 24, 2011

J.R. Schnabel National #33

J.R. is one of my all time favorites on the circuit. He has been haulin' ass and winning races for 15 years as a Pro. He has dominated the Short Track races at times and I look forward to seeing him up front again on the Werner/Springsteen Green Machines. Glen has been working for The Motor Company as an Engineer while racing full time to attain his goal of becoming the CNC Champ. He might very well be able to do it aboard one of Werner's Weapons. I bet you Bill Werner wanted to hire Glen years ago when he was beating up on the Harley Factory Squad. It must have been an interesting situation for J.R. as he was whoopin' his employer's race team ( not once, but repeatedly) riding a Yamaha ! Now Bill has taken the opportunity and I know its going to be fun to watch. J.R. is a bit beefier than Bryan Smith and the Kawi develops lots of power and spins the wheel. If he can get some more traction with that thing, watch out, he'll be gone.