Friday, March 11, 2011

Joe Kopp on the Box in XR1200 High Banks Duel

Dirt Track Joe Kopp shows his natural talent and grabs a fine 3rd on the Daytona High Banks on his Latus Motors XR1200. Maybe this will fire him up to win the Daytona Short Track tonight. Go Joe !
Joe pulls out of the hole on his Arizona Mile winning Ducati.
Joe couldn't get anymore tucked than this. Close third at his first Road Race on the Big Banking.

Kopp, 3rd: “It’s been a tough weekend. Most of you know I’ve been doing dirt track and road racing—probably bit off more than I can chew—and I don’t have much road race form at all, so I’m super-excited [about finishing third]. Yesterday I hit the asphalt pretty hard and it kind of put a wall on me; it kind of affected my performance in flat track and I was a little spooked, but once the green light went today, I was ready to go.
“I feel like I had a good shot to win that race. I lead it going into the first banking on the last lap and they went by me so damned fast I couldn’t catch their draft. Coming out the chicane, I put the hammer down and went for it, and all of a sudden all three of them dropped down the yellow line. They were wobbling and weaving and I kind of panicked. But I still ended up getting by Rapp at the end there, so I was really excited about that. In another hour I’ll go over to dirt track and put on my shoe… I had a sip of champagne and probably shouldn’t have.”