Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chehalis Washington's Bad Fast Brad Baker is someone to watch when he throws his leg over a Flat Track Motorcycle. He has earned his new National # 12 and I look forward to seeing his blazing on the gas style this season. Brad rides the wheels off everything he races and does so with graceful aggressiveness. He is now a full fledged member of the top tier of dirt track and he is determined to get his first win out of the way quickly. He served notice with super rides on Tony Dodges fast H.D.s. At Calistoga he patiently waited to get his hands on Stevie Bonsey's back-up bike and when he did, he made that 750 sing. This Kid has got it and deserves first class equipment like the Dodge Bros provide. Hopefully Brad gets that XR for the whole 2011 season. Tony Dodge knows talent and the two could go along way. We would see a few Bonsey ,Baker One Twos, or visa versa. Two of the most exciting riders on two of the fastest ,most bitchin Orange and Black ExRrrs ever to roll onto the racing surface.
Brads style,Flat Out and Out Front.
Fun guy who enjoys his racing to the max.
Baker has just gotten his hands on Stevie Bonsey's Spare and he is warming it up waiting to get out there and show'em what he's got. He did not disappoint. Ran some scolding quick laps right out of the box and came in slapped on his 17m and fought tooth and nail with his Heros. Welcome to the Big Leagues.
This is what fast looks like.
One of the very cool aspects of
Yavapai Downs is the layout of the Spectator Area. The AMA and Promotor understand that the fans need to see the Pit Action and getting close to the Bikes and Riders is not a problem. This is in the pre-Grid and the fans are right there on top of all the action. We LOVE IT !