Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kenny Coolbeth and Jared Mees

Man, it seems like the off season for the AMA Grand National Championship takes forever.
Although the whole thing gets underway with the two Short Tracks March 10th in Daytona, it won't be until May 1st when we get to enjoy the AMA Big Twins at the Arizona Mile. I'm doing some serious Jonesing for some full throttle action so I had to dig into my feel good file to make it through these winter doldrums. Kenny and Jared Mees are going at it during hot laps at Pomona 2009. Coolbeth gave up his #1 plate to Mees after this last race of the season. 2010 Coolbeth came second to Jake Johnson with Mees coming a very respectable third place in the Championship.