Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeff Carver Jr. Grand National #23

2010 Pro Singles Champion, Jeff Carver battled a very deep field of racing talent to win the 450 Crown. He wrestled the No.1 Plate away from arch rival Brad Baker with an impressive tally of Five 1st, Four 2nd and Two 3rd places. The Pro Singles have proven to be a great stepping stone into the Grand National Ranks. The racing is highly competitive and exciting to watch. It is no walk in the park and as with all forms of Flat Track, it has been deadly too.
Jeff has now earned his National ranking and will run the #23 which has been a Carver family racing number throughout the past years. Kevin Atherton gladly handed over the 23 Plate he made famous,to Jeff. Happy to give it up to such a worthy Champion.
I am looking forward to seeing Jeff with his new # ,going for it in the Big Twins Class in 2011.