Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Italians !

I just finished devouring SIDEBURN ISSUE 7 which is chock a block full of just plain fun stuff. One article is about the Italian Flat Track Scene and their efforts to create a buzz around their series to attract fans. They are going to have Cars VS Dirt Track bikes on Large Horse Racing Tracks. We tried it in the 60's and found while highly exciting for the Fans the Riders and Drivers decided to put the kibosh on it immediately for obvious reasons. Here Sammy Tanner on a Jawa Speedway Bike gets ready to blast by Don Hawley (Ex-Flat Tracker turned Four Wheel Slider)in a Ascot Sprinter. This was really a one time promotional stunt and wasn't really ever considered seriously. The Italians are really serious however and have a little different twist which makes a little sense, for the completely crazy! Read all about it in the fantastic latest issue of SIDEBURN.