Friday, January 21, 2011

Wayne Hosaka 55x R.I.P.

Wayne Hosaka, Life Long Flat Track Fanatic, passed away last week and he will be greatly missed by the his many Friends and Flat Track Family. Wayne was left a Quad after a life changing wreck at Ascot in 1970. He was a very competitive up and comer in the Golden Era but was run over by the pack in an unfortunate racing incident,leaving him to a very difficult life. Through many ups and downs Wayne never lost his love for Flat Track Racing and had many great accomplishments in enhancing the sport. Three years ago Wayne was the first recipient of the San Diego Flat Track Perpetual Trophy in recognition of his dedication and enthusiasm for the racing and community he loved. If ever there is a guy worthy of wheelieing right through the Pearly Gates, Wayne is that Man.
Wayne always told great stories about his and his racing buddies exploits. Here he is at this years San Diego Flat Track Reunion, telling another one.
The 1st recipient of the San Diego Flat Track Perpetual Trophy.
Stylin' in the early days.
Neat and tidy at the right hander, Ascot TT. With Frank Gilespie and Dave Aldana trying to keep pace.