Thursday, December 23, 2010

Catalina Grand Prix Restored!

My Dirt Bike Riding Buds Ron and Karen Wagniere were kind enough to send me their incredible photos of the Catalina GP Weekend. Man, I really missed it but there is always next year,hopefully. With any luck, they'll pull it off again and turn it into what it once was, the Dirt Bike Race of the Year in So Cal.
Homer Knapp has been racing this bike in Southern Cal Flat Track and Scrambles races for 50 years. It was only fitting that he lead the Parade of Bikes through Avalon to kick off the event.
Homer changes only the tires between Knobs and Class"C" traction for the different races. The JD Harley sounds Knarly !
Garage Company Honcho ,Yoshi rides what seems to be one of the original Yamahas the factory bought over to race on the Island in 1958. You might have seen the popular video of that race where the announcer refers to the New "Yam-Ahh-Hars"
I've watched a few videos of this years Catalina GP and seen Yoshi flying by on this thing with its unmistakeable ,WWWwwwriinnng Wring WWWrrrinnnng ! Two strokes have come along way,check out the awesome new KTM 300 Two Smoke.