Thursday, October 14, 2010

P.J.Jacobsen Grand National Rookie of the Year

17 Year Old P.J.Jabcobsen has got to be the next big star of Flat Track Racing. Winner of this years Rookie of the Year because of his incredible performance on the big twins. The kid is flat fast and the Miles seem to be his specialty. P.J. has given the Champs and Contenders fits with his hard charging racing. At Yavapai Downs on a perfectly prepared track that was a good a test as ever and with a field of the best possible prepared machines and highly motivated riders who are gunning for their last chance to win the Championship, he smokes the whole field with a blistering lap that left the Big Boys sighing and rolling their eyes skyward.
P.J. is the right size for the 125 MOTOGP he has been racing and it doesn't effect his ability to throw the Moroney's XR around. He's also been Road Racing in the AMA series on 600s and these skills seem to translate excellently to Dirt Track's highest level.

Jacobsen will be seriously competing for the NO.1 Plate in 2011 and I am looking forward to seeing P.J.'s racing colors out front and winning races.