Friday, September 3, 2010

Davenport Vintage Flat Track Tonight

Davenport, the Vintage Flat Track destination of the year. Stevie Bonsey was going to ride the Dodge Bros. Sport Scout. I hope so ,that would be spectacular.

Classic Flat Track National Comes to Wauseon, Ohio
Posted by Triumph79 - 2010/07/15 11:57
Bike Days at the Fulton County Fairgrounds, July 16th, Wauseon,Ohio.

The Classic Flat Track National Championship Series - Round 3 is on Friday July 16th in Wauseon, Ohio. The CFTNC
series takes in five rounds of racing, the first two rounds at Canton, Ohio being a huge success. Now onto Wauseon,
followed by Davenport (Iowa)September 3rd, and the series wraps up on September 17 with the final race at the world
famous Knoxville Raceway in Iowa.

The CFTNC Series will feature six select vintage classes, three Amateur and three Pro classes. The Amateur classes are
"Hand Shift" 1936 through 1951 with NO BRAKES, "Foot Shift" 500cc Overhead Valve or 750 Side Valve machines built
until 1967 with NO BRAKES, and the Vintage Open with machines built until 1980, and they have brakes. The
Professional classes are the Vintage Pro Singles through 1980, Vintage Open Pro Twins through 1983, and the 80's Pro
Singles through 1989.

And the final round of the Speedway Long Track Champion series.

Pit Gates open at 10am Friday morning, and the Grandstands will open promptly at 2pm.

The Order of events are as follows:

2PM Practice

4:30PM Heats

6:30PM Opening Ceremonies and completion of Heats

With Main events in all classes directly following the Heat races.

The weather forecast if great for tomorrow! 88 degrees and mostly sunny with no rain in the area...bring a few of your
friends out to the best show in Classic Flat Track and Speedway in the US!