Tuesday, August 10, 2010


One of the many things I love about Flat Track Racing is that it is 100% American with it traditions of The Presentation of the Colors by the Armed Services, the Invocation and of course the singing of the National Anthem. At Calistoga a couple of weeks ago, The Air Force set the patriotic tone followed by the Prayer and then a young lady stepped up and began to sing the National Anthem but, her wireless mike started to cut out leaving a few silent spots in the lyrics. Immediately and in unison the absolutely full grandstands burst into the remainder of the Star Spangled Banner and sang heartily right through to the home of the brave. What a great way to start the event.

This Gentleman, a Bike Group Minister lead all assembled in prayer and I was surprised to hear him say " And God ,let us all get out of here tonight in one piece and make sure no one gets killed ". Thats some frank talking to the man upstairs.