Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Contenders for the INDY MILE Crown

Twins newcomer Brad Baker (Thats 17m, the second Dodge Brothers Harley) fighting tooth and nail with Three Time National Champion, Kenny Coolbeth. Brad is out front and riding hard,look at the front tire.Kenny is feathering it saying "the Kid's cutting me off!" Brad Baker can get it done, he is fast and aggressive and Indy might be too soon but it won't be long and Baker will be celebrating a Twins Victory. Every time Coolbeth rolls to the line, he could definitely win the race.
Kenny Coolbeth has had some fantastic rides from the back of the pack this year and ended up on the podium. If things line up, Kenny could easily win this Mile.
Stevie Bonsey could win his second National in three tries. The Dodge Brothers Harley (with Johnny Goad Power) is one competitive piece and Bonsey can RIDE!