Monday, August 30, 2010

Bryan Smith wins Indy on a Kawasaki

Bryan Smith rode the wheels off the Kawasaki 650cc Parallel Twin to win the Indy Mile. Bill Werner's back on top of the box with his rider after showing dogged determination and perseverance to get this first National Flat Track Twins Victory for Kawasaki.Jay Springsteen's coaching and experience has been a real boon for the team and now the Tres Amigos have their first victory, watch out because Werner has been know to have some serious winning streaks.

Bryan Smith stepped off a Factory Harley and a history of winning and threw his leg over an unproven, undersized, production based Kawasaki that theoretically did not look good on paper in a world of fire breathing XR 750s. When I heard he had joined the Werner Springsteen Kawasaki Racing Team, I knew he believed in the effort
and I thought with this Trifecta of Talent it could be possible to see the Kawi on top of the box. It has happened. Bryan , Thumbs Up on your sensational ride.
Bill Werner sits on the Indy Mile winning Kawasaki. I like the upside down H.D. Banners in the back. Signs of things to come? Bill believed in this machine and stuck to it through thick and thin. Now they have this first victory and the monkey is off his back, Bill can relax a little and enjoy being a contender again. Congratulations Bill, effort equals results.
The always effervescent Jay Springsteen who bleeds green just like Werner. With his experience and enthusiasm, Bryan has the best coach and motivator in Flat Track history.