Monday, July 19, 2010

High Banks Brawler

In 1983 Harley Davidson had been out of Big Time Road Racing for a decade because they could not compete with the high tech Japanese Superbikes. With the advent of the Battle of the Twins, The Motor Company saw an opportunity to get back in the limelight and decided to build Lucifer's Hammer to smite all pretenders to that throne. Four Time National Champ, Carroll Resweber went into the dark back rooms in Milwaukee and found the very XR750 that Scott Brelsford had a fireball wreck at Daytona with ten years earlier. With engine genius Don Habermel, they crafted what came to be a multiple Daytona BOTT Winner and Three Time BOTT Champion. It was a Road Racing XR750 with 1000cc Jugs, giant Mikunis and a four speed tranny. 106HP @ 7500rpm. Springer won Daytona on its debut and Gene Church followed up with the season Crown three times.