Monday, June 28, 2010

Steve Morehead

Steve Morehead is not afraid to get his hands dirty to provide the fantastic racing that is AMA Flat Track. He is Operations Manager for the Dirt Track AMA Division and what a fine job he does, providing the best tracks possible for the Grand National Championship. With 23 National Victories to his credit, Steve knows what constitutes a fast and safe surface and a streamlined efficient program that makes the races really fun and exciting. His years of experience as a Racer and Promoter cover all the aspects and he knows how to get it done. Thanks Steve for all your effort. It is appreciated by all.
Steve is always riding the track before and after each race making sure conditions are as good as they can get. Here he scoops up one of about ten hand fulls of dirt to dry out a wet spot he didn't like coming out of Two at the AZ MILE. Only a Racer would get it and go to the extra effort to make things right. All those guys racing the circuit are so lucky to have Morehead looking after their best interests.

Steve rode Bultacos and Triumphs at the beginning of his racing career.