Saturday, May 29, 2010


I think Sam is on a roll. He had them covered at the AZ MILE but lost it when he became conservative. He learnt a huge lesson that day and from the look on his face on the podium, you can bet Sam will not let that happen ever again. Coolbeth knows his way around Springfield too and is always a threat. Kopp had his Ducati restricted but they have the might of the Factory behind them, hopefully, and can get their HP close to where it was. Springfield is usually very tacky and this could really help get the Ducati hooked up. I predict Sammy, Kenny and Smokin' Joe in that order for the Mile. The TT is a tough call, but again I will go with Sam to win, Kopp 2nd and Jake Johnson in 3rd place.
Halbert Bros. Racing, Sammy and Jethro.
I don't know if Sam will have time to be looking back at Springfield but he gapped them in Arizona on a track that had to be more challenging than Springfield. He has something to prove this weekend and I think he is going to show'em.