Monday, May 31, 2010

John Finn -Medal of Honor

John Finn just died here in my home town, Chula Vista, California. He was the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. He was 100 years old. He woke up one Sunday morning to the roar of Planes over his Airfield in Hawaii. He ran outside to see a Plane with a meatball on it, strafe him from tree-top level. He immediately ran to get a .50 Cal Machine Gun and set it up in the middle of a runway and started blasting away at the Japs. After two and a half hours of shooting, it suddenly became very quiet. The Pearl Harbor attack was over. He had been shot through the foot and the arm and he had 28 bleeding shrapnel woods. John Finn was given the highest decoration possible for his call to duty. After the War he lived the rest of his life cattle ranching near San Diego. His life long passion had been motorcycles.