Friday, May 21, 2010

Garage Company Los Angeles

If you are ever in the vicinity of LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)you have to stop by Yoshi Kosaka's Garage Company. It is 18,000 square feet of Old Motorbike Aladdin's Cave. They have moved from their original location and what a change. This is the Mother lode of Old Exotica,Flat Track,Road Racing,Custom and just pure cool.I have visited a lot of Bike Shops and this place has got it going on. Yoshi is the most gracious host and the guys who work there building and working on bikes are the best. I met Sonny Nutter who was wrenching on a Triumph Flat Tracker. He was a Flat Tracker who went Speedway Racing back when Jack Milne made it, The So Cal Motor Sport. He was Captain of the US Speedway Team which included Bruce Penhall on his first trip out of the country. Sonny was regaling me with stories about his time racing at Rowley Park in Adelaide,Australia, my home town.He remembered the track perfectly which meant a lot to me as this is where my Dad took my older brother and myself and introduced us to the addiction of Adrenalin and Castrol R. The Garage Co's Grand Opening will be worth going to if you want to celebrate the opening of a true wonder and see what has to be the best collection of eclectic Motorbikes in Southern California that will show up for this once in a life time event.