Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st 2nd and 3rd

Sammy Halbert dominated the whole race day of the Arizona Mile, except for the last ten feet. He qualified with the fastest lap, won the first heat, won the Dash and led with a good lead over Kopp in second place for the last half of the Main. Sam's race craft is very good and he knew he didn't want to blow a win with a crash at the end of the race so he calculated he could slow down slightly, ride a hair more cautiously and still win. We all know now his calculations were off by 25,000 of a second ! Poor Sam thought he had won until he came around to the line and the Lloyd Bros Motorsports crew were out jumping around on the track. That was a rough one for #7.
Not to brag but, I did ok with my predictions for the finishing order. I got all three, slightly out of order. My predictions for Springfield will have to wait until I hear if they restrict the Ducati. I hope they dont,I think they are all very equal.
Lap three coming out of Turn 2 and it's anybodies race.
Kenny Coolbeth rode a fantastic race coming from the back of the field on the opening laps.In true Champion form he never gave up and whittled away at the field to end up in a fine third place. I think these three will battle it out all year for the title.
Sammy puts his head down, smooth and fast.