Monday, February 8, 2010

Joe Kopp on Ducati in 2010

Kopp on it at Pomona, about to absorb one of the tracks many holes in an effort to nail fast time in qualifying.
Joe wheelies away on his Pomona warm-up lap.
Joe battles with Rich King 80,as they chase No.1 Scott Parker

Awesome news from the Sideburn Blokes, Kopp to ride Ducatis on the Miles and kinda,maybe 1/2 Miles. Just what Flat Track needs, a full time contender on a pure bred Italian mount.
The Lloyd Bros. have Smokin' Joe to campaign their Ducati, what I hope is full time.
Larry Pegram showed what can be done with just a few tries and it is a shame Larry can't be there to finish the job he started but, he is a Winner and a definite front runner in the Superbike class , if not shoe in for No.1 in '10. Cannot do both, although I wish he could. Pegram is one fightin' SOB and I always loved watching him race, where he learnt his trade, Dirt Track. Joe Kopp is the perfect rider to take on the challenge. Joe rides to win and it will be a pleasure to witness his style and grace on the Red Machine. I LOVE the Idea of Kopp on the Ducati.
I hope you Smokem Joe !