Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Alex Jorgenson is one of America's greatest Flat Trackers. A 10 time Grand National Winner he excelled at all venues and thrilled fans with his stylish aggression. Jorgy rode BSA, Norton and Woods Rotax before he joined the pack and ended his career aboard some beautiful XR750s. When he raced the Wood's Norton he had the support of the whole crowd who were willing him on to beat the Harley Throng. They were magic moments cherished by the fans that witnessed it. I took these photos at the Superbikers in Carlsbad, California. Jorgy was riding the Factory Woods Rotax with two other Flat Trackers, Billy Herndon and a kid called Chris Carr on his team.
Jorgy working on his ride, a state of the art Woods Rotax Flat Tracker/TT Bike.
All these photos are on the paved part of the course which was 50/50 Dirt/Pavement.

This is the hairpin at the end of the front straight. Speedway star, Kelly Moran is regretting being sucked in by Billy Herdon #19(Woods Rotax), Jorgy and Australian Flat Track Champion Forman (Honda). Moran walloped the bales with authority but bounced off and wheelied down the hill as spectacularly as he slid into them.