Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ducati Grand National

The Lloyd Bros. attempt to make a Ducati a solid contender in Grand National Racing has fallen a little short. But certainly not from lack of effort or commitment. What is needed is Factory support from an engineering level. Ducati, don't miss a golden opportunity to have your machines shine in what is the pinnacle of exciting motor sports, American Dirt Track Racing. The bikes are very close to being competitive but lack the fine honing of the engine that should come from the factory. Larry Pegram has demonstrated the potential with a stock motor in a custom frame. This should be enough to light a fire under the Competition and Marketing Depts in Italy. What could be better for Fans and Sales than a whole contingent of Ducatis giving the Motor Company a serious run for their money.
These photos are of the Custom Framed Ducati at Pomona. Chad Cose gettin' on it, high in the cushion.