Sunday, October 11, 2009

'65 Triumph T120

The guys from the Sideblog were correct when they said early mid sixties Triumphs make excellent Flat Trackers. Their steering head geometry makes them turn on a dime if need be. They are easy to ride and forgiving. No better example of this is So Cal's, Jeff Johnson on his stock framed '65. We have had the extreme pleasure of seeing him whip entire fields of trick framed bikes on his trusty old Trumpy. Yes, Jeff is one of the best riders around and would do well on any bike but he chooses to ride this one on the smaller tracks. These photos were taken at the Del Mar Short Track. The bottom photo which I borrowed from the VFT site shows Jeff squaring it up and shooting under the 55. Thats what I'm talkin' about ! Pomona is coming up and Jeff does ride a very trick Triumph with a custom frame and a big track motor on the cushion 5/8th mile. Different horses for different courses. Look for Jeff in the Saddlemen Vintage class. He'll be the guy F.F.F.F. ( Flat out, Feet Up , Full Lock and Flyin' )