Sunday, June 28, 2009


Last night I watched " The Springfield Mile" on SPEED. What a fantastic show ! The production quality was next to none with great photography showing the action from the best vantage points ever seen on a Flat Track show. The commentators ,Dave Despain and Nat # 42 Steve Morehead, are simply the best at what they do, by miles. But the racing was the real star and what hard fought battles they waged for our enjoyment. Anyone who has the pleasure to see this show and doesn't fully agree, that this is the pinnacle of wheel to wheel racing, has rocks in their heads. The lap after lap intensity of 10-15 bike packs going handlebar to handlebar at 130 has to be seen to fully appreciate. There was only one bad moment during the whole show and that was when Mees took out J.R. Schnable at 130MPH. J.R. was so lucky to survive that, totally unharmed. He was extremely lucky to just faceplant into the first three feet of the airfence , after a high speed skip and slide. I hope Schnable thumped that little prick good and properly. Kidd should have serious words with Mees before he kills someone with his backyard bullring antics.
Big Thanks to chopperdaves.blogspot for posting the reminder about the show. Hopefully SPEED TV will continue with these excellent Grand National Shows.

This photo was taken the one and only time I had the pleasure of being at Springfield in the late 90's.