Monday, June 1, 2009

Our man Chris

This great photo from the magazine shows Chris lining up the back wheel on his KTM Flat Tracker.

Here is Chris as Factory Rider for Woods Rotax riding against the best of the best at the ABC Wild World of Sport Super Bikers, Carlsbad ,Cal in the mid 80's. He was a terror on two wheels and had the big guys, Lawson, Rainey, Schwantz and the European contingent asking who is this Kid on the bike from Costa Mesa. Here he is playing around, poppin' a wheelie down the front straight.

Colorful Chris getting ready to qualify at Pomona.

I just had the great pleasure of reading an incredible story in the July issue of Cycle World about our Flat Track Hero, Chris Carr. Written by Gary Inman (Sideburn Magazine and the Sideblog), it tells the story of Chris's trip to England to instruct and race against the very enthusiastic British Flat Trackers. Our form of Dirt Track is really appreciated by these guys and their race series is in the growing stages. I highly recommend you find and read this very entertaining article. In the story Chris talks about riding the first of Wood's Rotaxes. I remember this well, Carr was a kid and shined on those bikes every time he rode them. That was the first I had heard of him and you could see he had it and he was going to be something big. The rest is history.