Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heros, Upstarts and Wannabes. Find a nice spot and watch them all come flying by. I take my hat off to all who race the TT. Watch an on-board lap and you get the true meaning of commitment.

The Crosby, they come by here full chat, pulling hard up over the crest and down past the Highlander to the right hander at Ballacraine.

A typical Marshal Station. Right on the side of the road with good line of sight and you can listen to their official radio communications. You can hear the bikes as they bang gears out of Bradden Bridge up through Union Mills and fly past the Crosby. The incredible sounds echoing around are a huge part of the experience. The Electric Bike race is on this year for the first time and I think the Whining from the spectators is going to be much louder than the whining coming from the Bikes.... Wot, you mean tharts it ! ?

37.73 miles of absolutely unforgiving race track.

Yep! The Yank Montano going for it, as usual.