Friday, May 8, 2009

The Red Bull Air Races( actually one at a time through the course) are in town and our local Airport is HQ for their flying circus.
The course is set up in San Diego Bay ,right Downtown. The Gates float in the water and there are ten which the planes have to go through. Reminds me of qualifying on a TT course but in planes over water. The planes are impressive ,they handle and perform incredibly well. Personally ,I watch about ten runs and I'm done. No electricty in the air, they dont race! Red Bull spend an incredible amount of money to put this on in a first class fashion, but ultimately the spectacle gets old. Some one should get Red Bull into Flat Track! They do show up with some incredible equipment, like the Grumman Albatros, which is beyond clean and perfect. The race planes are small and really agile and flown incredibly well, and they make a pleasant sound. The moves they make are usually razor sharp and cutting but, they do slide them around also which is fun to see.