Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Close Call

Springfield Mile, Scott Parker looking very serious as he adjusts his new handlebars. Werner wrenches furiously to get the Champs bike together after a very close call in Turn One. Parker led down the front straight with a pack tucked in behind. As he tipped it into One, he went down instantly in the oil trail left by a back marker who had just blown up, revving its guts out down the straight. Poor Kevin Atherton had just entered the turn a little to the right and bashed into Parker the moment he hit the ground.
Scott's jacket shows Atherton's front wheel marks, smack on the numbers. Very fortunately, this brutal bunt sent him flying right across the track ,out of the path of the pack. Parker got up! He got his bike hauled to the pits for Pipes and Bars. Tony Dodge ( Vintage T-shirt), helped Werner and crew and they got it done in time. Atherton had to go around and came screaming up on his bike ,jumped off and ran over to Parker ,grabbed him,hugged him and said "I thought I killed you Man !" Parker shook off the cob webs and a very relieved Atherton got back on and they all peeled out in a single file restart. The race was back on.