Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too good to be true

My buddy calls and tells me we have been invited to ride on this guys private MX track. What? Where? 15 minutes from my house! We show up early Saturday morning, drive through the gate, up a winding dirt road, around a corner and there it is.
Bikes are flying, Bean Oil is wafting and smiles are flashing. Its a beautiful long track in a magnificent mountain valley. The owner is going to reconfigure the track for Vintage Bikes ONLY. Less jumpy, no whoops, sweeping turns and generally smooth and fast. He has grooming equipment and water trucks and knows what he is doing.
He is going to have set practice dates and charge $20.00 per day. The Vintage scene has a big following here in my area and this is like a dream come true. Hallelujah !