Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The Daytona Short Track races tonight and tomorrow night ,kick of the 2009 Flat Track Season.
All Pro riders will be racing on Stock Framed 450 MX bikes, modified slightly for Flat Track racing.
Gone is the excitement of seeing the whole field on hand built specials, each individually designed for the ultimate advantage.
The bikes are a huge part of the Flat Track mystique for me and legions of my fellow fans. Flat Track fans know exactly what the bikes are and how they differ from one another. Now we will have Formula Racing, everyone on basically the same bike.
It may create wonderful racing but I am going to miss the hand built specials that have been, AMA Singles racing.

I hope someone shows some creativity and makes them look bitchin', not just the run of the mill , boring MXers , lowered with different wheels and tires and front fenders. Front Fenders should be banned in Flat Track racing!