Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daytona 200 Road Race

The Daytona 200 was a wild, exciting race to watch . Under the lights and run on the old configuration using both ends of the Banking, the 200 lived up to its historic reputation by being a race full of drama. Ben Bostrom won in the end in what came down to a 4 lap dash for the cash. The end of the race was great but the beginning was awesome! Danny Eslick on a Buell 1125R took it to the factory Yamahas, Suzukis and Kawasakis and forced his American mount to the front and battled tooth and nail, swapping the lead with the top three and looking strong and dominate. The Yamahas had no advantage including their stella rider line-up. Eslick had them covered and had them very worried.....until, his fairing broke and end of story. Shawn Higbee on another Buell did finish 5th, which deserves all kinds of accolades too. Danny Eslick showed his stuff last night, what an incredible display of talent.