Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monuments of Speed

This is a Street Racer. The zit faced youth of today with their in the weeds,spoiler bedecked, stickered out, beer can exhaust and racing seats and roll cage decorated, oriental tin cans, think they have invented an automotive phenom. They should be humbled by the heritage of the Street Racer movement,where the youth of yesteryear pieced together their weapons of choice with the heavy iron that was available to them and turned it into Monuments of Speed. This was done close to 100 years ago when performance was really new and exhilarating and brakes and handling were still being discovered.
The young lady driving this beast looks right at home in the saddle. Talk about grassroots engineering. Cold? Just run the mega exhaust pipe through the firewall into the cockpit. Hands go numb on the big wheel from the icy blast. Make a pair of King Kong Gorilla gloves and get out there and haul ass.