Friday, February 13, 2009


The racing season has started and Daytona is always roaring in February. First the 24 Hours of Daytona was a great battle going right down to the checkers. This week it's Speed Week for the Nascar kickoff with the big race being the 500 but two other classes make it exciting. Ricky Carmichael ( the greatest Motocrosser of all time) and Scott Speed ( F 1 Red Bull Driver) make their debut in the Truck race, which is really the best race of the week,usually. Coming up is Bike Week with the 200 being the big road race ,but there is the Short Track National and Flat Track every night and the big MX race!

Daytonas 2 1/2 miles of 31 degrees banked tri-oval is something to see and hear. The speed is very evident at this track, they are hauling.
The racing is tight and hyper competitive. When you see someone lose it here, you see just how fast they are going,they slide for a long way with the possibility of hitting something real hard, getting airborne and flipping or unpuckering and going in for a new set of tires. The spectating is incredible as you can see most of the track from anywhere. You can walk right along the fence when the race is on for the close up experience. The place is packed with die hard afficienados who cheer their guys on, and boo the ones they hate. All good drama. The track is rough ( even Ricky Carmichael says its rough and he is a Motocrosser!) and the cars are sliding and bucking and bellowing balls out. If you like racing and have not been to the Daytona 500, do it.