Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just back home after nine days on the road. Visited the beautiful North West. Had some different weather conditions which made it all very interesting. Portland,OR comes alive when the sun shines in winter. Lots of brave souls get their bikes out to enjoy some dry roads( and gravely after the snow) no matter how brief it may be. Met this guy on the last Norton VR880 ever made. He used to work at Norton, which was strange to hear him say that, but it is true. Norton used to be headquartered in Gladstone, Oregon. Not any longer ,the Poms have bought the Norton name and taken it back to Jolly Old England. Good Luck to them .I hope they make it.
One astounding sight is Wankers Corner in Lake Oswego ,Oregon. You have to be careful where you step. When we left Portland it was 28F, arrived in San Diego after two days driving, to perfect 75F, blue sky and sunshine. Stopped by Garage Co in LA to get some alcohol jets for my GP carbs. You always see something interesting driving around So Cal. Glad to be home.