Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The end is near !

Honda builds a Chopper ! Just when the Chopper fad was almost dead and buried at the end of 2008 ,with Chopper companies falling like ducks on opening day, Honda in all it's wisdom, introduces the Fury in 2009. The adage "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" never applied to any situation better than this scenario. Honda has got to be hurting. They have fallen into the follower category rather than being trend setters, which is their traditional mode. With all the possibilities of new niche bikes like RC51 SuperMotos or RC51 Street Tracker or something like the Victory Retro Sport, Big Red decides to build a lame ass Chopper.
Oh, I almost forgot, every Fury comes with a custom sleeveless jean jacket with " Rising Suns of Fury" embroidered on the back and on the front it has a real nice, "99%" patch. You can bet Cycle World will have the first exclusive test ride review where they extol the virtues of high center of gravity ,extended fork technology and remark on how the feeling of rebelliousness overcomes them when they see their own reflection as they leave the 7-11.
Lets hope Honda are not in the same position as Norton when they decided to join the dark side for quick profit mode.