Monday, July 27, 2015

Perris SCFTA Round 7

 Bomber Class at So Cal Flat Track Assoc. is some of the best Flat Track Short Track racing you are ever going to witness
 Vanderlaan AMA # 12Y had the Pros handled all day and won the Main leaving the field behind.

 Perris Short Track has got to be one of the very best tracks in the country and creates some of the best racing possible. It is because they are dedicated to excellence and continuous track prep is key. The track was bladed and manicured three times during the event.
 Ron Lessley was unbeaten on his Bultaco El Bandido in Classic Brakeless.

 Alvernaz AMA #27y showed his stuff with some fine riding.

Kocinski remains undefeated at Perris and to see him under pressure and how he handles it, is something to see.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tomorrow Under the LIghts, Perris, SCFTA Round 7


GNC Rules Changes - When Hogs Fly !

Parker airs it out at the Houston TT. And it really sounds like it is going to happen, Twins at Peoria.
Thanks for your emails after my MX Gear VS Leathers for Short Track and TT. Seems like it was all for naught. Here's why, there will be no Short Track races as we know it in 2016. Daytona ( the only ST on the circuit) is building a new 3/8 mile track inside the Banked Bowl which will be fast enough ( Willow Springs Size) that you would want to wear Leathers. Peoria, the only TT, will be Twins for the GNC1 and not wearing leathers on that crap shoot would be nuts.

With multi brands in the Twins Class it makes sense to have that the focus for the G N Championship. The little Kawis will probably dominate Peoria, so they get a gimme at one race which could be a huge advantage in a tight points battle, which is usually the case.

All of this won't put anymore fans in the seats. To do that successfully you need to have low, reasonable ticket prices,something some Promoters just cant seem to do. At a lot of West Coast races folks were shocked at the ticket prices and went home. And it will be hard to get those guys back. The next thing to do is motivate and enthuse the giant existing Motorcycle riding fan base to come to the races. They all know about Flat Track and appreciate it. Its been done before, our home race in San Diego, The Del Mar Mile was a sell out for several years in a row. That was until they changed the racing surface to rubber based material that was supposedly safer for the horses, effectively eliminating motorcycle racing. This proved to be a disaster with more horses getting hurt and euthanized than ever before. They changed back to straight dirt and now, with the demise of Pomona, The Del Mar Mile could well get another lease on life.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Saturday Night, July 25th, Perris SCFTA Round 7

I have been reading some of the crazy proposed rules for the GNC 2016. One of which is Riders are to wear Full Leathers for Short Track and TT . Get this,  it is not for safety but image. Someone thinks the fans are better served if they watch Short Track with the riders not wearing the MX Style Gear ( That is personalized for them). Really ? The riders look great in that stuff, colorful and vibrant and always new and fresh and Professional looking to the max. Leathers are common sense for Half Mile and Mile Gear. The riders should choose, they have to ride in it. And I think they have spoken. Next they will be saying only Full Face, no MX Helmets because they look better.  I can think of so many reasons for the MX gear. First is, it brings in a lot of  MX based Companies that add to our bigger presence. They Sponsor and supply the Pros with an abundance of great gear and it spreads their Name recognition in our sport. The AMA should be helping the Riders get Sponsors, not take them away! We need Fans in the seats and if we attract MX fans because we look like them, great. Dare I say it, maybe we should follow a few more of their trends as they pack their tracks. You have to admit, Brad "The Bullet" Baker looks really Fly in this gear.

Isky.U.Fab Special 1957

Wednesday, July 22, 2015